Bridal Party

Juliana's Posse

Juliana’s Posse

01-SimoSimona “Simo” Racek (Matron of Honor):

Juliana met Simona at a swanky, downtown LA birthday party back in 2008. Since neither of them cared very much for ‘swanky’, Simona and Juliana stuck to talking with only each other and bonded over a shared love of words, philosophy, and (very) blue humor. Simona is a feisty, Romanian-born entrepreneur with a heart the size of Ireland’s drinking problem. She has served as both a caring big sister and role model for her “Juju”. And, in 2012, Juliana was honored to be the Maid of Honor in Simona’s wedding.

BenBen “Benji” Giroux (Bridesman):

Ben and Juliana became instant besties when they met each other during their VERY first acting class at the University of Southern California. Over the course of their eleven-year friendship, Ben and Juliana have been partners on countless creative projects and, most importantly, have been true emotional rocks for one another through the ups and downs of pursuing a career in entertainment. Ben Giroux also made this website. You can send him all of your compliments at

LilyLily “Yiw” Goldstucker (Bridesmaid):

The only person that has known Juliana longer than Ryan is Lily Lamden Goldstucker. Lily and Juliana have been friends since they were just two years old, singin’ their hearts out to Ariel’s “Part of Your World” and building all kinds of cozy, cardboard-boxy forts. Lily once said, “I’ve known the Tysons as long as I’ve known myself.”   And thank goodness for that. Lily was also a supernanny to Juliana’s half sister, Bella, and taught Juliana everything she knows about taking care of our beloved little ones.

MarissaMarissa “Maris” Karasev (Bridesmaid):

Marissa, and her big brown eyes, wooed the likes of Juliana at a 2007 dance audition for what would become the infamous Boom Kat Dance Theatre of Los Angeles. Marissa and Juliana not only became fellow dancers and co-choreographers for the same company, but they also lived together during their last years at USC. Marissa’s effervescent, joyful energy and her devoted appreciation for what it means to be a “friend” have distinctly transformed and illuminated Juliana’s adult life.

JulietteJuliette “Little Jules” Kaplan (Bridesmaid):

Juliana was introduced to Juliette in 2007, thanks to bridesmaid Marissa who thought Juliana might be the perfect person to fill the vacant room in Juliette’s house at USC—and she was absolutely right. Juliette (“Little Jules”) and Juliana (“Big Jules”) became the best roommates each other had ever had. In fact, they had such a good time, they made sure Marissa lived with both of them the following year, as one big soul-sister co-op. These girls would become the ‘Invincible Three’ from there on out. Juliette is famous for coining the nickname “Jbug” for Juliana, cooking a myriad of delicious snacks for those she loves (Juliana), and for her mesmerizing arm tickles (that she gives to Juliana).

kaceyKasey “Kase-adilla” Kissick (Bridesmaid):

In the words of Ryan, “Lil’ ‘dilla is the best sister a brother could ever ask for.“ When Juliana first started dating Ryan, it was clear that Kasey’s approval meant everything to her big brother. And it was a complete coincidence that Kasey ended up buying a ticket to one of Juliana’s dance shows, totally unaware that Ryan was dating the show’s villain! Halfway through the performance, Kasey texted her brother, “This Queen of Heart’s got sass…and I like it.” Six years later, Juliana considers Kasey to be one of her closest friends and the best sister-in-law a bride could ever ask for.

KateKate “Katie May May” Maher (Bridesmaid):

Kate and Juliana attended USC’s School of Theatre together where Juliana was (and still is) convinced that Kate was the most beautiful and talented young actress she’d ever seen on a stage. Kate has been both a dear friend AND an acting mentor to Juliana.   Juliana and Kate performed alongside one another in the faculty production of “The Crucible” their senior year of college, a production that would go down as one of the best in USC’s history. Like Juliana, Kate is a hopeless romantic, and over the past decade they’ve supported each other, relentlessly, towards finding their truest, healthiest, most loving life partners.

gemmaGemma “Nemma” Quick (Bridesmaid):

Gemma and Juliana lived on the same hall in the Medici apartments just off USC’s campus in 2004. Gemma was a guiding light to Juliana when she transferred to USC, making sure Juliana knew how to get around campus, register for classes, and even where to grocery shop. Before Juliana moved up to Northern California to be with Ryan, Gemma and Juliana lived together in West Hollywood from 2012-2013, where their passion for cheese, peonies, HGTV, lacey negligée, and personal growth (yes, they are passionate about personal growth) would forever bond them.

AlisaAlisa “Leelee” Rodman (Bridesmaid):

Juliana would have never survived the entirety of her adolescence without Leelee. Like two little half Jewish peas in a Catholic school girl pod, Leelee and “Hool” (another nickname for Juliana, think ‘Jules’ but with a Chicana accent) did absolutely everything together from homework, to school plays, to dance classes, to Friday night dates, and they even made sure their boyfriends were best friends so they could maximize their time together. Leelee and her mother, Laura Schy, opened their home to Juliana as if she were a second daughter. And from age fifteen to twenty two—you could find her there most weekends.

KelseyKelsey “Dr. K” Ross (Bridesmaid):

Kelsey came into Juliana’s life the summer before the third grade. Juliana remembers Kelsey as a power-house of boldness, confidence, and raw talent. Juliana wanted to be JUST like Kelsey Ross. They soon became attached at the elementary school hip. They used their imaginations at every turn, writing musicals and performing dramatic readings for anyone that would listen (even if that meant just for their stuffed animals). Juliana remembers laughing to the brink of tears at almost every visit to the Ross household. Thankfully, that hasn’t changed.

bellaBella “Booja” Tyson Montgomery (Flower girl):

The best thing to ever happen to the world since sliced bread, cheese, and Arnold Palmers. Booja, as she’s so affectionately deemed by “Ryry” and “Juju”, is Bruce’s second daughter (and twenty three years younger than Juliana). Booja has played a giant part in the success of Juliana and Ryan’s relationship. Bella’s approval of Ryan, and Ryan’s openness to Booja, made for an unspeakably beautiful dynamic amongst the three. Ryan’s love for Bella made it so, so easy for Juliana to see what a good father Ryan would one day be to their own children. Bella has recently stated that she will develop an allergic reaction to bees once Juju marries Ryry, because “Ryry is allergic to bees and since he is my brother I will also be allergic to bees.” Oh wait here’s your heart, it just fell onto the floor. You’re welcome.

Ryan's Posse

Ryan’s Posse

OrenOren “OG” Gabriel (Best Man):

One year into his job at Bain & Company, Ryan got an email from the office recruiting manager. The message read: “Ryan, I want to give you some exciting news! You will be the official mentor for Oren Gabriel. Oren recently graduated from UC Berkeley, and his first day at Bain is next Monday. Congrats!” Ryan’s first thought was, “Why did they give me a Berkeley guy, especially when there are two new hires from Stanford?!?! Is there a way for me to petition?” However, it didn’t take long for Ryan to realize he couldn’t be more wrong. The pairing was without a doubt the perfect match. At Bain, in business school, and now in San Francisco, Oren has been an incredible friend to Ryan. The two have lived together (151 Eleanor at business school), studied together (Startup Garage), partied together (Coachella), traveled together (Australia Winter Break), danced together (most times we hang out)…and not to be underestimated, eaten too much cheese together (Mexico City…Juliana, ahem ahem). To Ryan, Oren is the true definition of a Best Man.

JasonJason “Glush” Glushon (Groomsman):

If Ryan had to put money on it, he’d guess that 95% of the people reading this page know of Jason Glushon. Ryan became friends with Glush during their many years playing baseball at Harvard-Westlake, and it was immediately apparent that Glush was a mover and a shaker…the type of person that could talk his way into anything (e.g., finding Laker playoff tickets when no tickets were available) and out of anything (e.g., personal harm when cheering for the Lakers in Sacramento…deep enemy territory). Ryan, a natural introvert (some of you might not believe it, but it’s true), has always admired Glush’s ability to connect with so many people and light up a room. Those that know him are convinced there must be more than 1 Jason…not to mention he does this while working a full-time job and getting a law degree. Yet what makes Glush extraordinary is that even with his network and busy schedule, he’s one of the most genuine, caring, and thoughtful friends Ryan could imagine. Glush might grumble if he heard Ryan say that…but Ryan knows that once you peel back the layers, Glush is a Teddy Bear who happens to play a great Scott Boras.

ZachZach “440” Goren (Groomsman):

Believe it or not, Ryan once played soccer. And despite his lanky pubescent frame, he wasn’t half bad. It was through soccer that he became friends with Zach, and in 7th grade the two nearly shocked the world by almost beating the mighty 8th graders. The story has a positive ending, as the defeat made the two hungry and resilient. And in 8th grade, the duo led the Harvard-Westlake soccer team to a hard-earned league championship. Lucky for Ryan, the friendship has flourished far beyond the soccer field. Looking back, Ryan estimates that he visited the Goren residence at least every other weekend in high school to hang with Zach…a big thank you to the entire Goren family for their hospitality! Outside of North Hollywood and Encino, Ryan and Zach have laughed on multiple trips to Cabo, commiserated on numerous late nights of investment banking in Santa Monica, and shared every human emotion in between.

TomTom “To-Mas” Harwood (Groomsman):

Tom is only 6 months older than Ryan, but his soul has always been at least a few years ahead of that (for the record, Ryan believes that is one of the highest compliments that could be bestowed on another individual). Since becoming friends at Harvard-Westlake, Ryan has looked up to Tom not only as a friend, but an unofficial life guide and mentor, too. Tom might not know it, but when faced with tough decisions over the years, Ryan has often channeled the mantra of “what would Tom do?”, a moral compass that has proven extremely trustworthy. Ryan and Tom have also had their fair share of memorable experiences…skiing in Mammoth, beer tasting in Portland, mayhem in Lake Tahoe…not to mention the many fun times after Tom’s wife (Kat) became Ryan’s neighbor in 2011. Ryan feels lucky to have been a groomsman in Tom’s wedding, and he’s thrilled that Tom will be a groomsman for him on September 28th.

JonathanJonathan “Hof” Hofius (Groomsman):

From 2005 to 2007, Ryan was a fraternity man. Jonathan Hofius was one of Ryan’s fraternity brothers, and the two instantly connected through the many fun events offered by Stanford’s Greek system. However, Ryan quickly realized that he and Jonathan shared much more than the ability to drink copious amounts of beer. For one, Jonathan is an excellent athlete. Together, he and Ryan helped the fraternity capture its first ever intramural flag football championship. If that wasn’t enough, Ryan also discovered that Jonathan has a true sense of adventure, especially when it comes to nature. As they say, the rest is history. During their travels together, Jonathan and Ryan have photographed Great White Sharks, tracked Howler Monkeys in Brazil, and come eye-to-eye with Giant Black Sea Bass off the coast of California. And when they return home from these adventures, they’ve been known to have some pretty deep conversations over a beer or two.

RobRob “Bobby” Katz (Groomsman):

Early during Ryan’s business school experience, he happened upon a group of students gathered in a circle. In the center of the circle was a visually intoxicated man. Upon closer investigation, Ryan realized this man was freestyle rapping a-la Eminem in the movie “8 Mile”. Instead of rapping about the mean streets of Detroit, this man was rapping about the experience of being a business school student at Stanford. Ryan found the ordeal bizarre, and he vowed not to be friends with this silly man. It turns out this Jewish Snoop Dogg was Rob, a man who would become one of Ryan’s best friends at business school. As Ryan later found out, Rob is one of the most thoughtful and caring people out there. He consistently goes out of his way to do brighten Ryan’s day, and he always does so with a smile on his face. And if Ryan ever needs someone to help pull together a plan, Rob is the uncontested champion of organizing the group.

JimmyJimmy “The Brick” aka “Jimbo” Richardson (Groomsman):

Well before they became close friends, Jimmy and Ryan crossed paths on the baseball diamond, where Jimmy’s Tigers and Ryan’s Red Sox consistently battled for the title of Pacific Palisades Baseball Association (PPBA) Little League Champions. Years later, Jimmy and Ryan became friends at Harvard-Westlake, although their friendship really took flight after college. Early in 2009, Jimmy, Ryan and Reg decided to live together in Los Angeles, unaware of the journey that lay ahead. In an apartment that fondly became known as “Amherst Castle”, the trio battled a biblical-like plague of bees, floods, and a Goliath-esque landlord. Having successfully navigated these trials, the trio faced a new challenge in 2011: living with a girl named Juliana, who they welcomed with open arms and smiles. Jimmy is one of the kindest people on earth, and also one of the funniest…he makes Juliana and Ryan laugh in every conversation they have, even when it’s not intentional.

RegReg “Tiger Beast” Tigerman (Groomsman):

In 7th grade, Ryan didn’t make the “A” Football team at Harvard-Westlake. Neither did Reg. And so they became friends on the “B” team. Over the years, Ryan and Reg’s bond has been solidified through tennis, trapeze, trivia, and late night trips to McDonalds. Reg was also the first of Ryan’s friends to meet Juliana. Less than a month into Ryan and Juliana’s courtship, Reg met the two at a local bar in Los Angeles. Through his charm and quick wit, Reg made a strong impression on Juliana, who left the night confident that Ryan surrounded himself with the highest caliber friends. As such, Ryan cannot thank Reg enough. And while Ryan was upset he didn’t make the football team at age 12, he couldn’t be happier now given his lifelong friendship with the Tiger Beast.