Dress Code & Packing List

Wedding Weekend Attire

Welcome Dinner

We will be celebrating Ryan’s cultural ancestry this evening, so feel free to wear whatever tartan plaid or Celtic green you have in your closet! The general dress code is “Castle Casual”…not too fancy, but no t-shirts, shorts, or flip-flops, please. Jeans are ok.

Castle Activities & Lunch

You will want to be comfortable and warm whilst gallivanting about the castle grounds. We recommend dressing in layers (it can get a little chilly) and good walking shoes (ladies, a pair of flat boots/tennies will do the trick!)

Ryan’s Hotel & Crowe’s Nest Pub Dinner

We’re fixin’ to get down and dirty Irish pub style on the night of our rehearsal dinner. Attire is very casual, but do remember to bring a coat/scarf/sweater just in case of rain or an unexpected flurry of Irish wind! There is both an inside area and an outdoor patio. (FYI, Juliana described the attire for this evening as “J. Crew cute with an autumnal flair”…)

Wedding Ceremony & Dinner

The dress code for the day of our wedding will be formal attire. For men, dress suits and ties (no tuxes). For women, anything from cocktail attire to long evening gowns. Basically, we want you, our guests, to wear whatever makes you feel as special and fabulous as possible. And if that happens to be cargo shorts and Birkenstocks, well…that’s unfortunate.

General Packing List for the Castle

  • casual sneakers/flats for activity day
  • golf shoes if you plan to golf (Ashford has clubs for hire, but bring your own if you’re particular.)
  • tennis shoes if you plan to play tennis (Ashford has rackets for hire.)
  • a couple warm sweaters
  • one heavy coat
  • if you are interested in taking some nice long walks or hikes around the castle grounds, we suggest bringing some hiking shoes
  • rain boots/water proof shoes just in case
  • raincoat or poncho
  • camera
  • tummy pills (both to plug, and to unplug)
  • American extension cords for ladies to use curling irons/blow dryers/straighteners (bathrooms do not have any outlets, therefore extension cords must be used from bedrooms in order to access mirrors; also, Ashford has American and European style power outlets, but if you plan to stay elsewhere in Europe you should bring a power adapter)
  • if you’d like to bring any electronics, the castle has free WiFi
  • whatever formal attire you have chosen for the wedding

*we’ve all been there, triple check before leaving the house