The Castle

In September of 2013, after watching Ron Howard’s “Far and Away” in our semi-dilapidated, semi-illegal, shotgun studio rental in the heart of New York City, Ryan and I decided we needed to visit the gallantly green, impossibly charming, Guinness-soaked island of Ireland. All recommendations pointed to Ashford Castle…even our bartender at the local Irish Pub said it was ‘a must’. Well, turned out everyone was right. As Ryan and I pulled up to Ashford’s majestic gates (after almost dying, about eleven times, on the sheep-infested roads of the drunkenly paved Irish countryside) we knew we’d arrived somewhere enchanted.  And after just three days on Ashford’s grounds, we felt wholly rejuvenated in a way that seemed to stop time. “Can you imagine getting married at a place like this?” I said. “Is that a hint? “ said Ryan.

It is our absolute honor to share the magic of Ashford Castle with all of you.

Established in 1228, on ancient Monastic grounds, Ashford has served as an iconic emblem of Irish elegance, cultural pride, ecological conservation, and universal hospitality for generations. Though quite a grand and impressive establishment, Ashford will, in true Irish fashion, make you feel right at home inside it’s walls—each guest is treated as a member of the family (you know, minus the guilt and over-sharing.)

To read more about Ashford, its wonderful staff, and extensive history click here and here.